nice to meet you!

I'm Rochelle Hoi-Yiu Kwan
some people call me YiuYiu 瑶瑶

Cindy Trinh

I am a cultural organizer, artist, and oral history educator based on Lenape land in NYC's Manhattan Chinatown. 

I take on my childhood name YiuYiu 瑶瑶 as an artist and DJ for Chinatown Records, a community effort to celebrate the richness of music, memory, and history that comes with inherited family record collections. Alongside my family and neighbors, I produce Chinatown block parties, sonic family histories, and listening sessions to foster intergenerational dancefloors and memories as powerful acts of resistance and resilience.

Bringing together art, music, and oral history, I build my practice around the belief that we are all storytellers. As an oral history educator, I lead Self Evident's oral history training and archiving program and Think!Chinatown's storytelling projects. My work aims to open up and cultivate our communities as our classrooms and living rooms, where we can look to our loved ones to pass down, learn, and celebrate our histories together. 

I also just wanna dance! ☆