oral history

I build oral history projects

I guide communities through the process of building, conducting, and sharing their own community oral history projects.

I teach oral history

I build my practice around the belief that we are all storytellers. I train people to tell, document, and share their own stories through oral history workshops.

I produce & activate stories

I talk with my neighbors a lot with Think!Chinatown. Then, we share their stories back out through art, workshops, and events to get folks celebrating and remembering even more together.

I also love Asian American, Chinatown, and community histories, so I talk a lot with people who have laid the foundation for me for decades.

I also talk with my family and friends a lot about music, and we create sonic histories together.

What I've been working on

Oral History Training & Archiving Program
Self Evident

a free, digital oral history toolkit to create your own oral history with a loved one, Story Archive, community listening events, and a network of collaborative partnerships

The Stories All Around Us Workshop

Oral History Association

a workshop on oral histories as collaborative art and history-making with our loved ones. Bringing together art, music, and oral history, we hear stories from loved ones and collaborative reimaginings of these personal histories.

Cindy Trinh

An Ode to Our Generations:
Remembering the Music and Memories of Yellow Pearl and Basement Workshop
treya lam x Think!Chinatown

a special revival featuring multi-instrumentalist and songwriter treya lam performing songs from Yellow Pearl, intertwined with the memories and hopes for the future from across generations of artist-activists in Chinatown of the past and today.

Landmarks Storytelling Project


an ongoing audio exploration of memory and place to visit and remember our community members’ own personal landmarks in Chinatown.